German Cuckoo Clocks

German cuckoo clocks are some of the famous and most admired examples of traditional German craftmanship. If you're searching for unique german gifts, then be sure to take a look at such a wonderful german clock. It fascinates and amuses people of all ages. Only collectors know how valuable these artisan gifts can become over the years. Read here more about these whimsical creations and where you get the best.

Black Forest is German Cuckoo Clocks origin

From the Black Forest(Germany) german cuckoo clocks began arise. Then came watches and other clocks, all of which are treasured all over the world. These were the headstones on which were built industries producing precision parts. Many of the german inventions, perfected by craftsmen aimed to improve living standards.

Who inveted them?

Contrary to popular belief the cuckoo clock was not invented in Switzerland. Cuckoo clocks had its origin in the Black Forest. This "mystical" area in southwest Germany developed during the 17th century a cottage industry in clockmaking. In 1730, clockmaker Franz Ketterer created the first cuckoo clock, using woods from Germany's Black Forest. The entrepreneur is credited with producing the first cuckoo clock capitalizing on the popularity of striking mechanisms and performing figures. Cuckoos were an inspired choice, mirroring their brief but vocal real-life appearances.

German Cuckoo clocks - Products of cold german winters

The german cuckoo clock was accurately crafted, and featured a hand carved cuckoo bird which was animated by various pendulums and weights. After the introduction of Kettler's invention, it the Cuckoo Clock gained incredible popularity in Germany. During the cold winter season there was an unspoken contest between the rural inhabitants. Each of them tried to create a more unique and beautiful cuckoo clock than the neighbor. When Spring came around again they took their cuckoo clocks to town and displayed them. That is the season when they would show off their hard work and sell their cuckoos to admirers.

Master Clockmakers: Anton Schneider
and Kieninger

People are amazed by cuckoo clocks. They are entertaining. Master European clockmakers such as Anton Schneider (hand-carved Black Forest clocks) and Kieninger (exclusive time-precision mantle clocks) are so cautious with the distribution of their products that neither maker will sell their clocks on the open market. By the way, both allow only 100 manufacturers in U.S. to carry their products.

Novelty Clocks just as popular

While meticulous crafted items such as Hubert Herr, Hermle, Dold Uhren and Kammerer cuckoo clocks are highly in demand, novelty clocks are just as desirable. Featuring everyone from Felix the Cat to Elvis to Betty Boop and beyond, character clocks remain highly collectible. Themed clocks offering charm and endearing messages include Papel Giftware's "Garden Pleasures Clock." The round-faced clock is housed in a white ceramic body decorated with garden items and reads "Heaven is a little closer in the garden."

Special Tip: Why not visit the region of the german cuckoo clocks: Black Forest

The Black Forest, (called Schwarzwald in German) is a hill range stretching along southwest Germany's border with France. Because of the thick woods, people called this forest black. Strong traditions are still present through the thick dialects and thatched roofs. As a very popular region for "silent tourism" the Black Forest offers up clean air, cherry cakes, cheery villages, countless hiking possibilities and of course you will find thre your personal german cuckoo clock...

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