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Steiff Bear

most popular German toy -and part of a childhood

A Steiff Bear is a living brand and one of the most popular traditional childhood toys.
We can hardly imagine a world without a loyal and eager friend and listener than the Steiff bear.

Teddy bears are a part of many childhood memories and we should preserve these special memories. Steiff ranks among the brand names that really live, as they are always oriented to the spirit of time without sacrificing value or tradition, while it attracts customers of all ages. These originals are highly valued!

According to recently conducted market research, almost 90% of the German population are familiar with the Steiff Bear and its brand.

Steiff originals are highly valued!

steiff bears Antique Steiff products bring high prices from enthusiasts and collectors. Countless Steiff rarities have been in auction while repeatedly producing headlines of interest.

A famous bear is born

Did you know that the production process of a Steiff product comprises of more than 30 operations on average while most are handmade in the traditional manner? A great deal is involved concerning the idea for the unmistakably of a Steiff animal and its completion.

The first steiff bear's birthplace

If you go down to the Swabian woods today, you're in for a really big surprise. No, it is unlikely you'll actually find a teddy bear picnic in full swing, but what you will discover is the birthplace of teddy bears. In 1902, in the quiet town of Giengen an der Brenz, northwest of Augsburg, childhood was changed forever. It was here that the first teddy was invented.

Inventor "Richard Steiff" had difficulties in the first

Richard Steiff turned to his practical and down-to-earth woman for approval to produce his teddy bear. Initially his aunt and other family members opposed the idea as they argued the prototypes were too heavy and big and that mohair - the chosen material for making the teddy bear - was hard to come by.

Richard persisted with his designs nevertheless and eventually fashioned an acceptable model known as Friend Petz. Steiff toys manufactured and displayed Friend Petz along with its other toys in 1902 at the Leipzig Toy Fair, where it did not seem very popular.

American toy giant bought 3000 steiff bears

The success story begins with an order from F.A.O. Schwartz, the American toy giant, for 3,000 Steiff bears, while changing its name to Teddy to increase its animal appeal to American children.

By 1907, interest quickly spread world wide as Steiff alone produced over 974,000 bears. While a host of competitors cashed in on the phenomenon as well.

Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt name inspired the bear's name

Exactly why the F.A.O. Schwartz buyer changed the bear's name is a matter of conjecture, but it seems he was inspired by then-President of the United States Theodore Roosevelt, who was affectionately known as "Teddy." WILD ABOUT BEARS That was when teddy bears sales really took off.

Many teddy bear items, all especially designed for teddies, being pleasurably available such as clothes for both boy and girl teddy bears, games, postcards, songs and china tea sets as well as automobiles such as cars, boats and carts. On top you can get nowadays other Steiff animals too like horses, monkeys, dogs, cats, rabbits and other of all sizes and shapes.

Interest quickly spread all over the world

Teddy bears found celebration in books as well, among them the beloved Winnie-the-Pooh series written in 1926. Everyone the whole world over wanted a teddy bear. Around the world, the news of teddy bears spread quickly. To this day teddy bears are still one of the best-loved and first choices of children around the world. Childhood would be a lonely place without the pleasure of knowing a teddy bear as a true friend.

All Steiff Bears are Collectibles

Every Bear from Steiff is a collectible, while they are even more realistic today than ever before. Children of all ages love steiff Bears while they may project all kinds of attributes onto a teddy, for their fantasies and play.

The incredible world of these collectibles is an exciting and fun filled hobby whether you are buying for your private collection, introducing your daughter to her first Steiff teddy bear or shopping for a friend or loved one. These collectibles are highly valued and add the most charming memories to the life of anyone.

Find in the following a small video tribute to this famous bear:

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