Blank Gift Certificates

Choose one of our free blank gift certificates, print it out and then personalize it with your promise for a special german gift or favor that will be perfect for the recipient.

You will be able to convert them from “blank” to “custom” in a matter of moments. You’ll need to have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader plugin for your browser (it’s a free download from Adobe) in order to see and print most of the free gift certificates and coupons that we offer.

Suitable for variety of occasions

The gift certificate templates below are especially nice. Most have a neutral design using flowers, but this makes them flexible and suitable for a variety of different occasions.

Blank gift templates for special occasions

These special certificates are a perfect gift for your mother, father, sweetheart or anyone else that you care for. They are blank coupons ready to be customized with any thoughtful gift you want to promise. They can be used for any special occasion or for no special reason, just because!

You’ll be able to print a sheet of coupons, write in your thoughtful gift (a back massage, breakfast in bed, a night out together, a chore-free day, dinner and a movie – whatever you choose) and then give them to your friends or loved ones as individual coupons.

Blank birthday gift certificates

These free blank gift certificates are perfect for birthdays. Use your imagination to decide what you will include as a birthday gift message or promise.

Blank Gift template I

Blank Gift template 1

Open Blank Gift template I as pdf-file

Blank Gift template II”

blank gift template II

Open Blank Gift template II as pdf-file

Blank gift template III

blank gift template III

Open Blank Gift template III as pdf-file

Blank Gift template “Roses”


Open Blank Gift template “Roses” as pdf-file

Blank gift template “tulip”


Open Blank Gift template “tulip” as pdf-file

Blank Gift template “Flower”


Open Blank Gift template “Flower” as pdf-file

A template that is flexible enough for romantic uses

You might also want to use these blank gift certificates to promise to give a floral arrangement. It could be a bouquet of flowers, but you could also make the certificate be for a foliage plant or even a garden tool.

Here’s a tip: If you’re getting married, print out the number of blank coupons you will need so that each member of your wedding party can have one. Give the coupons out to your wedding party in “goodie bags” or use them as favors at your bridal shower or bachelorette party. You could also put one or two of them into gift baskets for any type of occasion.

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